Nathaniel Coleman is a 19 year old college student based in Salt Lake City, Utah. In 2015, he won two silver medals during the IFSC Bouldering World Cup circuit and placed fourth in the overall ranking. This accomplishment came as a surprise has he had only just begun competing at the professional level and was thrilled at the new opportunities that opened up as a result, including making climbing a profession, a dream Nathaniel never thought would be a reality. In addition to being a professional climber, Nathaniel is also simultaneously pursuing furthering his education as a full time student. Between school and training, escape to the mountains becomes seldom yet all the more treasured during the school year. Although his schedule his hectic, Nathaniel’s drive and passion for learning and climbing helps him keep the balance between the two. In the years to come Nathaniel hopes to continue to progress as a climber in global competitions, push the limits outdoors and inspire the current and next generation to find their own drive to accomplish everything they want from life.