Tokyo :: Hokkaido :: Okinawa
Surf waves in every body of water that define the island of Japan. That was the plan. But, things didn’t turn out as expected. And as tends to happen, all of us were better off for it. Stay tuned for the full release of our road trip across Japan that took us from Chiba to Sado Island, from Hokkaido to Ishigaki, and eventually Tokyo.
Choose Your Road Trip Soundtrack
What do you listen to when you're in a van for an average of 10 hours a day? Lots is the only answer. Check out the playlists below for two very different soundtracks that defined this road trip.
prAna Ambassadors in Tokyo, Japan.
Home in the Head
An incantation of classic road trip tunes sure to conjure the warm and fuzzy feels only wide open, empty roads can.
Long Days, Empty Roads, New Tunes
New tunes with old soul sure to inspire some future nostalgia.
Man and woman in swim wear ride a boat in Mallorca.