Women in car by the beach

Summer Beach Breakaway

The ultimate after-work escape

Summer is made for impromptu plans—and savoring every extra minute of sun-soaked goodness. It’s sneaking out of the office early for a Friday afternoon beach day. Grabbing some epic snackage. Packing your favorite tunes and a good book.

Here’s how we downshift from work to play, and jump feet first into the season.
The Arrival:
So you’ve decided to call it a day and head to the beach early. A wise decision, really. Pack only what you need. Maybe that’s just a towel and sense of adventure. Or maybe it’s a 5-course snack spread and bonfire setup. Either way, you and your crew will know what feels right. Now divvy up the load and get moving.
Driving to the beach
The Descent:
They say life’s about the journey, not the destination, and that goes double when traversing the California coastline. A tide of bright yellow beach primrose and sweet fennel define your path to the shore. The mix of sunscreen and sagebrush transport you back to the summer days of your childhood that stretched out forever, always ripe with possibility.

The blooms give way to rockier terrain; local lizards dart across the path; the once distant crashing waves grow louder as they call to you, hypnotize you, draw you into their ancient spell. These sensations stir a familiar excitement within the pit of your stomach as you get closer to that sun-baked sand. Its details like these that turn a summer moment into a cherished memory.
Walking through flowers
Walking down to the beach
The Beach:
When you finally hit the shore, it’s time to let your inner compass guide you. Do you set up basecamp? Or drop everything and sprint straight into the sea, saving the unpacking for later? Your actions become fluid, as you allow yourself to be lost in the invigorating ocean spray and the soothing heat of summer sun.

Relish the familiar burn of sand beneath bare feet. Search the cracks and crevices for native critters. Grab a quick nap in the shade. Serenade a friend with epic ukulele skills. Explore. Relax. Refresh. Repeat.

There’s no wrong answer, just do what makes you feel most free.
Playing in the water
Walking and picnic at the beach