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Free ground shipping is offered for all orders within the US valued over $99 before tax. Please allow 24 hours of processing time for all shipment options. Please choose the free ground shipping option at check out. This offer is valid for U.S. shipping addresses. Please see our Shipping & Returns page for full details of all shipping information. prAna Influencer and International purchases do not receive free shipping.
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We Are #BringingYogaBack And You Could Win!
12-Day Yoga Invitation
Spring Awakening Sequence
Shalambasana (Locust Pose)
After centering and tuning into the flow of your breath in either Tadasana (mountain pose), child pose, or a comfortable sitting position, lie down on your belly with your legs separated about hips distance. Engage your legs towards each other to wake up your inner thighs and interlace your hands. You can modify by holding a strap behind you or even pressing your hands down on the ground with your arms straight alongside of you. Using the power of your inner thighs, turn your legs in so your kneecaps are facing straight down (to broaden across your pelvis and low back). Press down through the tops of your feet and hips as you as you draw your low belly in and up to engage your core. Lengthen out of your pelvis as you lift your chest and shoulders forward and up off the floor. Keeping your shoulders lifted, slightly lift your chin, and broaden through your chest. Maintain the rooting of your feet and legs (especially if you have back sensitivity), or reach out from your pelvis and extend your legs and feet out and up in the opposite direction, straight behind you. Breathe smoothly as you evenly stretch from deep inside the core of your pelvis. Slowly extend out as you lower down and rest. Feel the support of the earth as you surrender the weight of your body into it and breathe Let your entire being be filled with this bigger energy to signal your nervous system to relax.

Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
Place your hands in line with the middle of your chest and turn them so that your index fingers are pointing straight ahead. If you are on the tighter side with your shoulders, widen your hands away towards the sides of your mat to give a little space for your shoulders. One at a time, turn your legs in until your kneecaps are pointing straight down. Engage your legs to towards one another. As you isometrically drag your hands back, get long through the sides of your body and lift your shoulders as high as your elbows. Squeeze your elbows in and back to activate your upper back muscles. Draw your low belly in extend your spine forward and up, keeping your shoulders back. Keep your elbows bent, take your throat back in line with your shoulders and spine as you curl the bottom tips of your shoulder blades into your upper back to lift your chest up. Reach back through your legs as you continue to lift forward and up through the spine. Lift your chin and keep your head in line with your spine. If you have no neck sensitivity, take the top of your throat back and head back, and look up. Ground your pelvis, and breathe long and deep into the opening of your heart. Return to the ground in the same way that you came up so that you rest on the ground with an extended spine.

Eka Pada Adho Mukha Svanasana (One Leg Downward Facing Dog)
Left Side Instruction: In downward facing dog, keep your arms straight and hips even as you lift your left leg up; hug it to the center. Your lifted leg tends to turn out so squeeze your legs to the mid-line until you feel your inner thighs engage. Use that inner thigh power to turn your lifted leg in (to the sky) and outer hip towards the ground, until your hips square. Stabilize your shoulders girdles by pressing your finger pads down and drawing energy up your arms so that you lift your arm bones up to the sky. Keep your arm bones back and lift your low belly. From your upper back press your hands down and forward as you stretch your left leg straight back behind you. Feed the power in your arms and legs with every inhalation. Use every exhalation to stretch your arms and chest forward towards the ground and celebrate the extension of your spine as you reach a little longer out through your lifted toes.
Lower your left foot down and stabilize your shoulders before moving to the right side.

Low Lunge Hip Opener Right Side Instruction: Start in a long-stance lunge with your right foot in front and slightly turned out; left foot flexed. Make sure that your left knee is well back behind you and not under your left hip. Bring both hands onto the ground inside the right foot and press your hands down and forward, and then take your hips back. Squeeze your legs towards each other to line up your hips and soften your groins. Initially keep your hips back and up. Separate your hands wider than shoulder width, bend your elbows and lift your shoulders as you extend your chest forward and down. The tendency is for your left leg to drop and right leg to lift. So tone your back inner thigh and outer right hip. Lift your low belly, particularly on the right side. From the core of your pelvis, extend out through both legs and allow your pelvis to lower. As your pelvis settles closer to the earth, feel tensions flow out with the release of bound up energy stuck in your hips. With every inhalation, breathe in the freshness and freedom of new energy as you melt your heart to the ground and stretch your spine long. Days 4, 5 and 6 makes a comfortable sequence, so give it a try! Just remember to stay true to your breath as you move mindfully through each pose.

Vashistasana Variation
Right Side Instruction:
In a deep kneeling lunge, turn your right foot out and adjust so that your right knee is in line with your right foot. Stay low to the ground and roll to the outer edge of your left foot and lower the outer left hip down. To further stabilize, place left hand down and slightly turn it out as you squeeze your left shoulder back. If your hips are more open, then come down to the left forearm. Keep weight in the inner edge of your right foot and tack the outer right hip down. On an inhalation, lift your hips up off the ground as you press into the outer edge of your left foot, left hand/forearm, and inner edge of your right foot. Lift your low belly and squeeze your right shoulder back as you sweep your right arm alongside your ear. Extend long from the pelvis through both legs, and reach up and out through the spine and top arm. Breathe into the full expression of the pose.

Monkey Twist
Right Side Instruction:
Step into a low lunge with your right foot and slightly turn it out keeping your knee in line with your foot. Bring your left hand towards the left outer edge of your mat staying in line with your right foot, and slightly turn the hand out. If your hips are more open, come down to your left forearm. Stabilize your left shoulder by firming the left arm muscles up around the shoulder and squeezing your shoulder blades onto your back. If you have knee sensitivity, cushion your left knee, and then roll more forward to the base of your knee so that you are not bearing weight on the knee cap. Bend your left knee, flex your foot and reach back with your right hand with the palm facing up. Hold the outer edge of the foot with your thumb on the instep and fingers wrapping around the top. As you press the top of your left thigh back and maintain a firm grip of the foot, tack the outer right hip down. Lift your low belly. Re-stabilize your shoulders back, keep your legs and hips strong, then kick your foot into the resistance of your hand. Extend your torso out of your pelvis and revolve open to the sky. Press the top of your throat and head back in line with your spine as you ground doubt and welcome freedom through your hips, shoulders, and spine. Breathe long and deep through this transformative pose. Push strongly down into the earth to lower down so that you do not collapse. Rest in child pose or transition into downward facing dog, before you repeat on the left side.

Ado Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)
Use this pose to remember to tap into the energy of life that sustains you.
Suction your fingers into the earth and draw energy up your arms and bring power and strength into your shoulders all the way up behind your heart.
Use this power to lift your arm-bones up so much that your armpits hollow and you feel your shoulder blades firm onto your back.
Squeeze your legs towards one another to tone the inner thighs. Lift your inner thighs in and back to tip your low back more into extension.
Keeping the strength you cultivated in your arms, extend fully from your empowered heart through your hands and stretch your spine long, all the way up through the hips and back down through the heels.
Keep this familiar pose fresh by filling your aligned vessel with enthusiasm so that every part of you keeps renewing with life.

Anjeneya Shoulder and Heart Opener
Right Side Instruction:
Step into kneeling lunge so that your right knee is over your ankle and back foot flexed. Scissor your legs and root your pelvis as you lengthen up and extend your spine. Bend your elbows and bring your hands in prayer position to the back of your head at the base of your skull. From your hands, engage your arm muscles so that you draw from your elbows into your shoulders all the way behind your heart. Keep your shoulders moving into the back plane, and press your head back into the resistance of your hands to lift your chest up. Lift your chin slightly and take the top of your throat back. Before going further, to counter the tendency to exploit hyper-mobility in the waist, restrain the bottom of your rib cage by drawing it towards to the top of your pelvis and toning your low belly in and up. Then, from your pelvis, keeping the integration of your shoulders in the sockets, extend your elbows up and even progressively back. Keep your head and shoulders working together to maintain the lift your chest. If you have back sensitivity, focus on keeping your legs strong and spine upright. From deep inside your pelvis, stretch out through your legs and allow your pelvis to lower. This is a big heart opener. Stay mindful and keep your low belly and chest lifted to maximize the flow of life through your breath.
Do days 8, 9, and 10 in a row for a more sequential feel. If you start with your right leg in front, move through all three poses before you move to the left side.

Anjaneya Variation Hold Same Side Leg
Right Side instruction:
In a kneeling lunge with the left right flexed behind you, expand inside with your breath. Upon this inner support, hug your legs to each other and draw you low belly in and up. Start with your hands on your hips and draw your shoulders back and elbows in so that you contract your upper back muscles. Reinforce the rooting of your pelvis, lift of your low belly and chest, to be able to slide your left hand toward the direction of your left ankle. Plant your pelvis, push down with your left hand on your leg to re-lift your chest, and optionally extend the right arm along your ear toward the space behind you. Stabilize the pose through your hips, legs, and core as you open up and out through your low belly, heart, arms and head. In the most challenging moments, sustain and even grow your aligned form with your empowered breath.
Keep drawing your legs and hips together and down to rise back up.

Anjaneya Variation Twist – Hold Opposite Side Leg
Left Side Instruction:
In a kneeling lunge with the right foot flexed, expand inside with your breath. Start with your hands on your hips and settle them. Square them to the front of the room by drawing your legs together until your inner thighs tone. Upon this inner and outer support, lift your low belly and chest skyward. Draw your shoulders back and squeeze your elbows towards each other so that you feel your upper back engage and chest stretch open. Firm your hips and legs, and then twist towards your left. From your pelvis, push down through the bones of your legs, lift your low belly and chest up, slide your left hand toward the direction of your right ankle. Push down with your left hand on your right leg to re-lift your chest – particularly on the left side, and optionally, extend the right arm along your ear toward the space behind you. Keep your hips pointing forwards and then extend evenly through the legs, up and out through the low belly, spine and right arm, and even through the crown of your head. Enliven the pose with your breath.
Keep hugging to the mid-line to return to center and then rest in child pose or observe your breath in downward facing dog before you repeat on the other side.

Camatkarasana (Wild Thing)
Left Side Instruction:
From downward facing dog, bend your right knee and place the sole of your right foot on the floor facing the back edge of the mat; shorten your stance if needed. Squeeze the muscles of your right arm by isometrically dragging your right hand back and drawing energy all the way up your arm so that head of your right arm bone lifts up and securely plugs your shoulder into the socket. Anchor the bottom tips of your shoulder blades into your upper back and then push your right hand down and forward as you lift your hips high and step your left foot over onto the floor behind you. From deep inside your pelvis extend your right leg as straight as you can and reinforce the lift of your hips. Open your chest and keep pressing into your right hand as you follow the flow of energy and turn your left arm out in the socket and sweep the arm in an arc alongside your ear towards the floor. The more you stay anchored through your legs, right hand and shoulder, and the lift of your hips, the more open you will become. Stay strong, and reconnect with your breath, allowing your breath to guide you into your optimal alignment at this moment. When coming out of this pose, stabilize into your right shoulder girdle by keeping the arm bone back while still lifting your right chest up. Either rest in child pose or feel the flow of your energy in downward facing dog and then repeat on the left side.

Tadasana (Mountain Pose) with Hands in Lotus Mudra
Root down through your feet as you envision your leg bones reaching firmly into the supportive, fertile earth. Feel that when you extend evenly down from your pelvis, there is a corresponding lift up your spine through your heart, throat and crown of your head. Keep the lift of your heart and steadiness in your legs as you bring your hands in front of your heart with the thumbs and pinky fingers touching, opening the other fingers away from each other to form a flowering shape. The Lotus Mudra symbolizes the lotus flower that grows out of the darkness and unfolds into the beauty of the light. Take a few moments to bathe in the light of your expanded energy. Exult in the freshness of your energy, awaken your inner light, and experience your true nature!

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