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Black Revolution Mat | Non-Amazon Harvested Tree Rubber Mat   view larger image    

Revolution Mat


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Revolution Mat

This season's prAna Revolution Mat is updated with a new layering technique that's significantly lighter while providing the same cushioning and stability it's known for. Our largest yoga mat is made from non-Amazon-harvested tree rubber.

  • Our largest yoga mat available
  • Our new 3 layer design is now 2 lbs lighter
  • Made from biodegradable, non-Amazon harvested tree rubber that provides excellent grip in any pose
  • Firm cushioning for stability
  • Non-toxic
  • Open cell construction
  • 78 long (198cm) x 30 (76cm) x 4mm thick
  • 6.2 lbs (2.85 kg)
  • Imported
  • 100% Rubber
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Amazing mat if you take the right steps
Okay first off, this mat is Fantastic. It's Big, Sticky and has plenty of cushion for most poses (you may want a towel under you for any head stands) but you have to do one thing before you expect the world of this Mat: Wash it!!!

I have had mine for about 4 months now and i use it several times per week. I did not wash it until about a month ago and let me say, it made a huge difference. Put it in warm water in the bath tub with a squirt of dish soap Let it soak for about 20 minutes, wipe it down with a clean wash cloth while submerged. The directions for care are not listed on the packaging (which was a pain to get off by the way) but anyway, look in the FAQ section of the website for the cleaning solution that is recommended. You need tea tree oil, distilled water and witch hazel. Spray and wipe the mat down with a clean cloth before and after each practice. wait about 10 minutes before starting your practice or until all of the moisture has disappeared and do the same before rolling it back up. This will help keep the mat sticky for your session. I say again, ROLL UP THE MAT AFTER YOUR PRACTICE. The natural rubber will degrade if you leave it out. Finally, wash your hands and wipe your feet before stepping on the mat, clean hands and feet stick better and preserve your mat.

1) wash it in the bath tub straight out of the package and let it dry completely (the edges should be dry before you take it down off of whatever you are hanging it on, do not do this outside) it will take a couple days.

2) Clean with the essential oil spray solution before and after each practice (this is why i don't think it is a good mat to take to class, it takes time to prepare)

3) Do not leave out, Roll it up and store it away from sunlight (preferably bagged) between uses.

-Try and use these seemingly irritating steps as a ritual to clear your head before your practice

Suggestions for prAna:
-New packaging, this was a struggle
-Care instructions on the packaging
-Keep being an amazing brand while preserving and exploring the world
May 18, 2016
Way too slippery
I'm 6'5", so finding a yoga mat that's actually long enough for me was a pretty obnoxious task. This one isn't quite as long as I'd like, but it's the biggest I could find for less than $100. I was really excited when I first got it because of how tacky it felt. Unfortunately, as soon as you start to sweat at all, it's impossible to keep a grip. My hands slide forward even in something as basic as downward dog. My previous mat was slippery at first but then get better as time went on, but I've been using this consistently for 6 months and it still hasn't gotten any better. In all my years of buying Prana products, this is one of the few times I've been disappointed. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with it until I can find a better one that's big enough for me.
August 8, 2016
Love the lighter weight but it gets slick when I sweat!
My rating of this mat is in comparison of to my old Prana Revolution mat, which I loved. This more updated version is still a great mat in lots of ways: I've always loved the bigger size, and the new, lighter weight is fantastic. But when I get good and sweaty during an intensive practice, this new mat gets super slick. I never had to use a towel with the old mat, but now I don't think I have a choice. Although the older model was inconveniently heavy, I think I'd rather have it back.
June 15, 2016
Very Slick During a Sweaty Practice
I loved this mat when I first received it. The size was awesome! At 5'9" it gives me ample room for myself during crowded classes. First time I used it, I did a practice in the house and found it to be a little slick when light sweating. I thought it was just first time issue. So I wiped it down with a damp cloth and a little light dish soap. Once it dried out it felt nice and sticky again. However, in class this morning I was very frustrated to find myself slipping in every pose. Maybe it is the consistency of my sweat that doesn't match this mat but I couldn't even hold Warrior 2 without an intense amount of straining on my feet and adductors. I wound up just sitting in child's pose after a while to relax. I am sadly returning this mat in search of something good and sticky while sweating.
July 12, 2016
An amazing mat, but you have to care for it!
I bought my first Revolution mat about 30 seconds after Prana released it for sale. I think its by far the best Yoga mat on the market but it does require care to stay that way.
Many of my friends bought their mats around the same time I did and many complained about how slippery it became after a couple of weeks. I didn't get it because mine was perfect. Then after having it for about 3 years, I suddenly started to leave it out in my home studio and that is when things went wrong. The new version is now my fourth Revolution mat and I just bought it since I use one at home and I leave one in the car.
It CAN NOT be left out and certainly not in bright sunshine. It as to be rolled up after each use and preferably bagged. I think Prana should provide care instructions with it since leaving it out alters the surface which makes it quite slippery, almost glassy and it completely stops sticking to the floor and you may slide right off in a sweaty practice.
But, if it is taken care of as I do, it is so good that it is almost mind blowing. I can not recommend it enough, JUST DON"T LEAVE IT OUT!!!
October 8, 2015
Good mat
I use the Revolution Yoga mat for my daily practice. It does not perform as well as I would hope when hands become wet. I still need to use chalk to prevent slipping. There is no odor so that is good, but since it is an open cell design it is a bit difficult to keep clean. I do enjoy how large and cushioned the mat is.
January 23, 2016
Not for people who sweat
I wish I could give this mat a better review, but I do sweat quite a bit and this mat is not for if you are a sweater or heated classes. It seems like a wonderful mat if you're going to be dry during the class, but for someone like me who sweats and likes heated classes, it will not be grippy enough for stability in down dog.
January 20, 2016
Soul Mat
I've tried all the name-brand mats out there. I have the M Pro in long, and Pro Lite, the M rubber, the L in various thicknesses, the popular J in long and a nice color, etc. But this is the keeper for everyday. I have the discontinued orange, which I like a lot. Doing yoga on black doesn't do it for me.

At any rate, I'm 5' 9" and fit on the standard size, but would prefer for more of me to stretch out and fit, including in saddle stretch, head to toe, and arms relaxed in savasana. This mat is the right size without being too long. But it doesn't feel too big or heavy to take to class.

The surface marks (lightish color), but I use with a Y towel that sticks fine and I can wash it. I've heavily scrubbed the mat, and it survived elbow grease and a rough brush.

But the main thing for most yogis is that it has the slip of the L mats, so you can drag your feet sometimes, plus stickiness without being too porous. I don't feel like it's absorbing all sorts of dirt -- and, again, it can be scrubbed. It feels stable and well considered like the M mats.

The problem with the L mats IMHO isn't so much that they stain (which they do), it's that cats scratch them badly. And fur (dirt, leaves, stuff tracked into the studio) sticks to the J mats that also don't last. This mat is durable.

I didn't know if I believed the hype about a dream mat. But now maybe I do.

The only con is that it's eco rubber, so I believe those who say not to leave it outside (I have an outdoor home studio near a shed, but take it indoors) or in the car. I can leave the M Pro mats in the car, so that's okay. I just remember to take this with me, and take it back in the house after class. But of course, eco is also good. The smell fades over time.

If you expect your mat to look perfect always, you need to either use a towel, or, LOL, don't use it. Even the M mats can get nicked by cats' claws, although do the best with rough treatment. It's true that it won't git in the standard mat bags. So use the Prana Mat Wrap, which is fab, and get a carry strap. Rubber should breathe after use anyway.

At any rate, I hope Prana doesn't discontinue this mat and offers it in more colors. They got it right. Plus it's the perfect balance between soft but not plush and firm.
April 21, 2016
Perfect Yoga Mat for a Larger Individual
I really like my Yoga mat. I'm an average guy (5'10", 175#), and the normal sized yoga mats seem too narrow, too flimsy, too thin, too short.

This yoga mat is heavy enough not to slip, long enough to stretch out, and wider than they typical yoga mat .

It's very high quality, and definitely worth the price!
January 18, 2017
Exceptional yoga mat
The Prana Revolution has been an exceptional mat for my yoga practice. I've used it exclusively for over 3 years and it is showing no signs of wearing out (using it 5+ days per week for a heated vinyasa flow). I appreciate the extra dimensions provided by this mat and the thickness is perfect for my practice. I always use a yoga-specific, mat-length towel on top of the mat for traction and sweat absorption. My preferred towel is the Prana Synergy Towel Mat. I believe the Prana Transformation Mat would also work well as a towel on top of the mat. I give the Prana Revolution my highest marks.
January 20, 2017