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Social Responsibility – People First!

We insure that all of our vendors adhere to our strict Fair Labor policies. We take ownership in providing quality working conditions for people who make our products. We are an active member of the Fair Labor Association. In 2011, prAna was the driving force to help create Fair Trade Certified Apparel and was one of very few companies in the world to offer such apparel. This ensures that besides an improved work environment, the extra premium we pay goes directly to the workers and farmers that produce our goods. (or directly to the community that makes our goods).

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    Fair Labor Association

    Fair Labor AssociationprAna is a member of the Fair Labor Association (FLA), a nonprofit organization dedicated to ending sweatshop conditions in factories worldwide to bring accountability to our efforts in social responsibility.
    Since 1999, the FLA has helped improve the lives of thousands of workers around the globe. By bringing together multiple stakeholders, calling for greater accountability and transparency from manufacturers, factories and others involved in global supply chains, and creating lasting solutions to exploitative labor practices, we are making steady progress toward fulfilling our mission: protecting workers’ rights and improving working conditions worldwide.
    With the active involvement of universities, civil society organizations and socially responsible corporations, the FLA has formed a unique and powerful alliance that is effecting positive change around the globe.
    prAna was accepted as a member of the Fair labor Association at their board meeting in February of 2010. This is very exciting for us as prAna is able to tap into resources of people who have been working on issues of labor and human rights around the world. The area of social responsibility is incredibly complex and no brand alone and can address problematic issues such as lack of law or enforcement or cultural behaviors and practices around the world. So in collaboration with the other FLA constituents prAna will be more successful in our efforts to improve working conditions where our products are made.

    Supply Chain Sustainability

    Belonging to the FLA is only a part of prAna’s sustainability program. PrAna has begun to screen potential suppliers more thoroughly based on their product capabilities and now with a lens of social and environmental due diligence. We feel that this is one of the best ways that we can improve the sustainability of our supply chain – by working with suppliers who share our values.
    In addition prAna monitors our supply chain. We assess factories based on the standards of engagement that we ask each of our supplier’s to adhere to. Based on the assessments we work with the factory and the other brands who share the factory on developing a corrective action plan for sustainable change.
    To read our Standards of Engagement – click here

    Fair Trade Certified


    prAna is proud to be one of the first major clothing companies to offer Fair Trade Certified™ products. In partnership with Fair Trade USA, we launched our Fair Trade styles beginning with the Soul T in 2010. With each new season, we aim to offer as many Fair Trade Certified products as possible through partnerships with newly certified factories.
    Fair Trade certification for Apparel and Linens is the first social, economic and environmental standard that directly benefits the farmers who grow the cotton and the workers who sew the garments. It offers companies and consumers an unprecedented opportunity to positively impact the lives of these farmers and workers. For every Fair Trade Certified™ product sold, a percentage is paid directly to a special workers’ fund. Workers decide collectively how to spend these funds, based on the community’s greatest needs: from bonuses, scholarships and disaster relief funds, to medical care and transportation.
    How Does Fair Trade Work?
    Fair Trade is a market-based approach to poverty alleviation and sustainable development that incentives factories for complying with strict social, economic and environmental criteria and empowers factory workers through democratic process and additional income. It is a way for shoppers to gain a better understanding of how a product was made, rather than just where.
    Fair Trade standards ensure that garment workers have safe working conditions, a voice in the workplace, higher earnings, and that women are treated equally. Although these rights may seem basic, they are simply not guaranteed in many of the countries where clothing is produced.
    In order to become certified, a factory most meet minimum workplace requirements based on the International Labor Organization (ILO), and the facilities are regularly inspected for compliance. Additionally, all employees go through a series of Fair Trade trainings where they learn about their rights under the standards, how to manage and invest the additional income and how to improve communication with management.
    Fair Trade certification promotes worker-owned cooperatives and protects workers’ right to organize:
    Farmers and factory workers must be democratically organized; they vote on how to best invest the additional Fair Trade premium that is earned.
    Factory workers receive training on their rights, in particular the right to join a union
    Facilities must have channels for workers to communicate concerns to management or to an outside organization, if a problem cannot be resolved within the factory.
    Fair Trade is an incredibly empowering model for the entire supply chain: cotton farmers and factory workers trying to improve their lives, factory managers who want to do the right thing, brands like ours who want to support these efforts, and shoppers like you who want to make every purchase matter.
    Learn more about prAna’s Fair Trade

    Our Community – SEVA (Service)

    Seva by definition is any act that one performs for the benefit of others with no expectation of reward or recognition. Like prana, seva is a Sanskrit word with thousands of years of use and interpretation. PrAna takes inspiration from the practice of Seva and we strive to treat each other, our associates and our customers in this spirit.
    Twice per year we shut down our headquarters for our company Seva Days, where we work together to contribute to the local community. We have helped build community gardens, cleaned up beaches and even read stories to grade school kids. It’s very fulfilling work and a lot of fun for all.
    How we practice sustainability behind the scenes in our own community

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