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Tiffany Hensley

Tiffany Hensley started climbing at the age of 8 in a gym in Santa Cruz, California. For the past decade, she has competed in bouldering championships, sport climbing competitions, and speed climbing, which has taken her all around the world. She’s equally content wandering around outside and scampering up hard boulder problems, frequently barefoot.

Having just graduated from school, Tiffany has been traveling and climbing “studying art forms, studying people, and reading bizarre classics.” She is a prolific writer and student of life.

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20 Questions

1. prAna gear you can’t live without?
My yoga capris – which have been through two years of everything from alpine bouldering and camping in caves to yoga rooms, classrooms, and gyms, and they still look new
2. What you would do (activity/career) if you didn’t climb/BASE?
Running with my dog
3. Earliest memory?
My first memory is of being four, and covered in food.
4. Childhood obsession?
Really BIG books.
5. Herbivore or Carnivore?
Herbivore, and I was vegan for over half a year.
6. Favorite place in the world?
Sprinting and skidding down a muddy trail at night in Ceuse, France, just one headlamp bobbing towards a small cozy caravan and steaming pasta, psyched to hit the hay after a long day of projecting.
7. Favorite TV Show?
8. Favorite Movie?
The war movie “Thin Red Line” directed by Terrence Malick.
9. Favorite Book?
Moby Dick by Herman Melville.
10. Hobby? (other than climbing/BASE/wingsuit)
Charcoal sketches of climbing.
11. What is your morning routine?
Breakfast, feed the dog, check the forecast, climb outside/bike to the gym.
12. What do you sleep in?
A real bed, finally.
13. What is the longest you’ve gone without a shower?
I didn’t shower for a whole month when I was camping in Ceuse, it was 5C and the showers were outside.
14. Talent no one knows about?
Poi (fireless fire dancing).
15. Motto/quote to live by?
16. Who inspires you?
The ones that push their limits all the time.
17. If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you say to them?
If I could meet Ueli Steck, I’d ask, “Would you like to get some coffee and continue this conversation highly caffeinated?”
18. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items would you take with you?
Sunscreen, my dog, and Bill Murray.
19. What community organizations/non-profits are you involved in?
The Spot youth team that I coach helps Adopt-A-Crag, I’m a member of the Access Fund, and also an athlete for PCI.
20. Why are you a prAna ambassador?
I’ve been climbing for 13 years, competing for 10, blogging for 5 (for DPM; Planet Granite; more recently, theB8a – and soon the Spot Climbing School); in April I began coaching at the Spot in Boulder, where I train in three of the four gyms four to five days a week, and I’m also developing a kindling love for competition photography – prAna was the only company kind enough to approach new climbers and offer clothing adaptable for the paradigm climbing.