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Jesse & Tyler Youngwerth

Jesse and Tyler Youngwerth have been climbing for the past 15 years of their lives. They have traveled the Earth together climbing in different countries and also staying local! The twins are still very close to each other even after being together day after day for all of their 18 years.

Jesse and Tyler graduated from high school in 2011 and will be attending the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs as film majors. They have recently begun making films for climbers, gymnasts, slackliners, musicians and other performing artists.

The twins are currently training youth climbers from Colorado and take pride in helping them achieving not only their climbing goals but also goals outside the gym. Jesse and Tyler have been actively climbing in competitions that include the USA Climbing Series and the Unified Bouldering Championships as well as many other local competitions in the South West.

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20 Questions

1. prAna gear you can’t live without?
Tyler: Oh the new line of hoodies is super sweet I really like them!!
Jesse: Leyla top, Lolita pant and Topaz reversible hoodie.
2. What you would do (activity/career) if you didn’t climb/BASE?
Tyler: I Love to take video, and ride my fixed gear I just got (I’m not very good yet took some good spills).
Jesse: I would most likely be a kayaker, or do more slacklining I really love both of them.
3. Earliest memory?
Tyler: Well I remember when Jesse and I were chillin’ in my mom, and she was singing beautiful music to me!
Jesse: I remember when I was about three and me and my twin sister, Tyler, were wearing tie-dyeing t-shirts and watching the desert on fire behind our house
4. Childhood obsession?
Tyler: Well I think it must have been creating trouble.
Jesse: I was obsessed with having fun, I only went to school to go to recess I didn’t ever partake in class.
5. Herbivore or Carnivore?
Tyler: I can’t live without my meat.
Jesse: Herbivore for sure, meat grosses me out.
6. Favorite place in the world?
Tyler: France for sure.
Jesse: The river we always go to when we visit our friends Jean-Paul and Remi in France, it’s close to Nemis.
7. Favorite TV Show?
Tyler: Bones I guess. I watch the most because my California friends got me to watch it and so that’s the reason I like that show.
Jesse: Project Runway, because I like to see what they come up with, most of them are pretty cool
8. Favorite Movie?
Tyler: Donnie Darko.
Jesse: Fight Club, Donnie Darko comes pretty close though.
9. Favorite Book?
Tyler: The guide book to any climbing area, cause I don’t read books.
Jesse: Fight club even though I still have to read it!
10. Hobby? (other than climbing/BASE/wingsuit)
Tyler: Slacklining, road biking, kayaking, and a lot more.
Jesse: Slacklining, yoga, kayaking, skiing, and snowboarding
11. What is your morning routine?
Tyler: Drag myself out of bed to the TV, check if there’s a snow day (never is but just hoping) and then go to school.
Jesse: Get up and go to school or go train or have fun on the weekends
12. What do you sleep in?
Tyler: Depends!
Jesse: Boxers and a sports bra
13. What is the longest you’ve gone without a shower?
Tyler: I have to shower almost every day so not long. Maybe 4 days at the most but bathing in a lake is like a shower!
Jesse: A week? I’m not sure though, that’s just a guess
14. Talent no one knows about?
Tyler: I’m a professional at stranger rodeo!
Jesse: I can unicycle and juggle!
15. Motto/quote to live by?
Tyler: …umm …don’t let go!
Jesse: “Only after disaster can we be resurrected” ~Tyler Durden
16. Who inspires you?
Tyler: Oh Jesse, my Twin, and Tris Sampson… kinda my other sister.
Jesse: I am inspired by so many people, the closest one is my sister Tyler!
17. If you could meet anyone in the world dead or alive who would it be and what would you say to them?
Tyler: Papa Smurf, I would just kidnap him!
Jesse: Lady Gaga and I would ask if I could do a kid friendly music video for her!
18. If you were stranded on a desert island, what 3 items would you take with you?
Tyler: FOOD, climbing shoes, and a Man!
Jesse: A boy, and some climbing shoes and another boy
19. What community organizations/non-profits are you involved in?
Tyler: Access Fund, American Foundation for Children with Aids, and a lot more local non- profits
Jesse: Access Fund, AFCA (American Foundation for Children with Aids), and many more…
20. Why are you a prAna ambassador?
Tyler: …because the clothing is amazing. Even before I was sponsored by prAna, I always told people about stuff from them. I wore my mom’s old prAna clothes even though I was to small for most of the line. PrAna ROCKS!
Jesse: Because I climb and I am a good representative for prAna Clothing, I also love the company and would do anything for them. During my daily routine I talk about prAna and tell people from all over the world to check out the website and get people interested.