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Journey through the modern-mythology of Patagonia with our team of adventurers. Watch the video above, then dive into the inspiration they soaked up on the trip below.
Where do you go when you need to get away? When you daydream? Maybe here?
Dientes Circuit Day 2
This is an exercise in the things you need and the things you don’t need. “Needs” fluctuate with circumstance in such remote landscapes we need. Boots. Warm clothes. Rain gear. Tents for shelter. Food. Fuel. Fire. A positive attitude and enthusiasm for adventure go a long way. I love our crew.
“That desert wanderers discover in themselves a primeval calmness (known also to the simplest savage), which is perhaps the same as the Peace of God… unusual kingdom.”
- In Patagonia 15
CA Travel Post
CA Travel Post
“Patagonia!’ he cried. ‘She is a hard mistress. She casts her spell. An enchantress! She folds you in her arms and never lets go.”
- In Patagonia 29
Day 4 of the Dientes Circ.
All water stains in this journal to date are from today. 7 hours of sustained rain and wind in our pushover Paso Virginia.
It was savage. Alarming. Scary. The top of the pass was 5 football fields of scree before hitting the drop off. Gusting winds knocked us back and forth, ping ponging along the trail like a ball weighted on one side but still trying to roll. When we finally reach the drop off, to begin the descent the wind went from inconvenient to SUPER FUCKING SERIOUS. First impulse was to lean hard but when our angle quickly passed a 45 degree lean we took to our butts and thought about the next move, which was nothing more than to move head first forward. I was knocked completely off my feet twice.
Finally we made it down to treeline and escaped some of the wind and rain. Fed ourselves and spent the night drying our gear - all fully soaked.
CA Travel Post
Yesterday We Hiked to Mirador Las Torres
And found ourselves a lovely morning rainbow
Puerto Natales
Home of the Mylodon
Butch Cassidy disappeared down here
“I walked north through a country broken by gulches and mesas, where the most unlikely colours had been spat to the surface… The unnatural colors gave me a headache, but I cheered up on seeing a green tree--a Lombardy poplar, the punctuation mark of man.”
- In Patagonia 81
3.21.17 Tuesday En Route to El Chalten
CA Travel Post
“The wind blew the smell of rain down the valley ahead of the rain itself, the smell of wet earth and aromatic plants.”
- In Patagonia 63
Tierra Del Fuego - The Land of Fire
CA Travel Post
“The fires were the campfires of the Fuegian Indians. In one version Magellan saw smoke only and called it Tierra del Humo, the Land of Smoke, but Charles V said there was no smoke without fire and changed the name.”
- In Patagonia 111
The Dientes Circuit - The Teeth of Navarro
They’re not wisdom teeth.
they’re canines. Sharp, piercing, and punishing.
Nothing that grows there does so delicately. Even the groundcover has a thick trunk with stout, tiny leaves that don’t dangle too far from the stem for fear of being blown off it.
CA Travel Post
El Chalten Argentina - Cash Only
There’s a sense in town that the people you walk past know a secret. That they’re here for something significant.
This is a hard place to get to.
Stories, legends of human strength, endurance, insanity - define my looking glass. I can’t see this skyline without thinking of the people before me - who came and looked upon it and proceeding to tackle the challenges - for me it’s visual spectacle - I can find that all over the world - for them it provides unparalleled terrain.
Towns are far apart.
The roads connecting them are desolate and unserviced.
Consequently the tourism it draws is adventure tourism - not passive picture taking, gift shop going tourism - but limit-testers seeking new challenges in unique landscapes it’s mecca for the enthusiasts.
“We talked late into the night, arguing whether or not we, too, have journeys mapped out in our central nervous systems; it seemed the only way to account for our insane restlessness.”
- In Patagonia 86
Got a Good Look at the Stars Tonight
It still blows my mind to know that in seeing them I am looking…
CA Travel Post
“History aspires to the symmetry of myth.”
- In Patagonia 95
Quotes pulled from Bruce Chatwin’s book, In Patagonia.
Content created in collaboration with Yeehaw Donkey
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