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Join Our #YogaForLight Instagram Movement

Tuesday, April 14th, 2015



Earth Day Instagram Movement & Eco-Challenge

Illuminate your inner light by finding your mat. Join us, in partnership with the Be-A-Light Solar Lantern Project, for 10 days of asana and environmental activism honoring Earth Day on April 22. Our aim is to activate our instinctual connection to the earth as well as work as stewards to help protect, preserve, and conserve the world around us. Follow and participate in our #YogaForLight Movement on Instagram to create a positive and passionate community of yoga and service. Each day will have a suggested asana (yoga posture) that connects your body, mind and spirit to the elements, as well as an “eco-action” promoting environmental responsibility and awareness.

The Prize
Since we hold sustainability and the earth near and dear to our hearts, we want to go big in this giveaway by offering a prize that reflects our appreciation to you. First place will win $1,000 worth of new prAna gear, AND the opportunity to gift $1,000 to a person in his/her life that demonstrates and lives environmental awareness and responsibility. (Full details below)

To Enter
1) Follow @prAna & @shivarea108 on Instagram
2) Post a photo of yourself doing the pose of the day when you can—you don’t have to post every day to enter. This is more a source of inspiration and activism, less of a competition.
3) Use #YogaForLight and tag us @prAna

That’s it! The fun starts April 16. You can find all the daily pose and eco-action details below, as well as daily in our Instagram feed @prAna.

Special thanks to prAna ambassador and founder of Yoga Energy Activism and Be-A-Light the Solar Lantern Project, Shiva Rea for sequence contribution. For more information about Shiva’s work with the Yoga Energy Activism and/ or how to get involved in her Solar Lantern Project please go to: www.yogaenergyactivism.org and www.solar-aid.org


“When we feel disconnected from the nature that lives within us—the earth we eat as food, our water permeated body, the sunlight that penetrates our brain, the air that nourishes every cell—an elementally connected body mudra can reconnect us to our environment.” ~Shiva Rea


YogForLight Instagram Challenge with Shiva Rea (1)Day 1: Earth (Apr 16)

Pose: VAJRASANA with Ganesh Mudra

We start our 10-Day #YogaForLight Movement with a pose of awakening and dedication. Begin by opening your hips to connect to the earth, knees wide, big toes touching behind you. Bring your hands to your heart center with your left palm facing out and right palm facing in; fingers are inter-connected activating the quality of dedication and reflection at the beginning of a cycle (ganesh mudra).

Relax and slow your breath to the rhythm of nature. Feel your roots connected to the center of the earth as you grow through your spine.
*If this is tough on your hips or knees, place a block or blanket below you to help lift your hips.

Eco-Action: Commit to the Earth! Reflect on your life, your behaviors, and your home. What would you like to change to lessen your impact on the earth?



YogForLight Instagram Challenge with Shiva Rea (2)








Day 2: Earth (Apr 17)

Pose: Pranamasana w/ pranam mudra

From yesterday’s pose, slowly move with your breath and exhale as you hinge at your hips bringing your forehead toward your mat and maybe even bring your whole body to connect to the earth in pranamasana. Bring your hands over your head into jaya mudra (the mudra of victory) to the earth. Listen and connect to the earth through your body.
Relax your frontal brain that is touching the earth and shift from a thinking mind to a receptive mind. Meditate on your earth body.

Eco- Action: Eat Vegetarian! Eating a locally produced and organic vegetarian diet as much as possible is one of the most direct ways we can reduce our carbon footprint and reduce water use.



YogForLight Instagram Challenge with Shiva Rea (3)








 Day 3: Water (Apr 18)

Pose: Cobra

Cobra is a wave shape and when we move between two asanas in rhythm it brings the qualities of circulation of breath alive. From pranamasana, slide forward and up into cobra with your hands pressed up on your fingertips below your shoulders. Press your pelvis into the earth as you inhale to draw your chest up to extend through the crown of your head. Your shoulders blades press down your back. Lengthen through your side body and drop your head slightly back. Honor your body and only lift as high as you feel strong and your breath flows with strength. As you exhale pull back to pranams with the knees wide.

Eco- Action: Honor Water! Save the water when you cook meals or from washing dishes and re-use it to water your plants/garden (or your neighbor’s garden if you don’t have one).



YogForLight Instagram Challenge with Shiva Rea (4)








Day 4: Fire (Apr 19)

Pose: Dandasana (Knee Variation) with Samkalpa Mudra

With your knees hip distance apart, start standing on your knees and activate your core by creating a staff, or “danda,” diagonally from your knees to your crown. Lengthen your tailbone toward your knees and feel the activation of your fire through your core connection. Clasp your hands in front of your heart space for samkalpa mudra (another hand mudra of accessing your dedication). Inhale, lengthen your spine feeling your core power, and exhale, shift back again for a steady activation, channeling your inner energy and fire. Keep this rhythmic vinyasa with your breath and steady awareness as a way to channel your inner fire and tap into renewable energy.

Eco-Action: Go Solar! Life is dependent on the sun and yet we only harness .02% of its radiant light. Consider installing solar in your home/business. Unplug and enjoy solar lantern lamps or non-polluting candles instead.



YogForLight Instagram Challenge with Shiva Rea (5)







Day 5: Air (Apr 20)

Pose: Ustrasana with Moksha Mudra

From your knees, bring your hands to your low back with fingers facing up or down, whatever is within your practice. Inhale, grow tall through your spine, and exhale press your hips forward as you begin to bend back towards your feet. Keep a lift in your chest so you don’t dump into your low back. If you feel that you can go deeper, release your right arm and reach back behind you.
*Move slowly as you come out of this pose, and only when you’re ready move to the other side.

Eco-Action: Offset Your Carbon Footprint! Choose an organization like 3Degrees to help offset your impact by supporting renewable energy projects.




YogForLight Instagram Challenge with Shiva Rea (6)







Day 6: Space (Apr 21)

Pose: Anjenayasana with Garuda Mudra

Starting on your knees, step your right foot into a low lunge with your left knee on the earth and right knee over your ankle. Inhale rise up and activate your core, energetically lifting from your front heel up your spine. Come into garuda mudra (eagle) with your arms. Inhale lift your right arm up and exhale wrap the left arm under to hook at the elbows. As you inhale elongate into the space above, and as you exhale hover into the backbend feeling the strength of your side bodies and the connection to the space above. Draw your arms up towards your eyes, as your fly back into the sky. Inhale and come up to elongate the spine.

Eco-Action: Skip The Landfill! Challenge yourself to waste less today. Eat locally-sourced produce, use a reusable tumbler for your coffee, or bring utensils from home instead of using disposable plastic versions




YogForLight Instagram Challenge with Shiva Rea (7)







Day 7: Air (Apr 22)

Pose: Dhanurasana in Warrior 3- Standing Bow

Happy Earth Day! Root down through your feet and feel the energy rising through your inner legs. Bend your left knee and reach back for the outside of your left foot with your left hand. Stay here and find balance as you center yourself within the flow of your breath. Or, to go deeper, reach your right hand back to your left foot and find your new sense of balance. To go deeper still press your hands into your foot as you anchor your hips evenly and lift your chest, opening with full power. Stand tall as you rise for the earth and embody your Earth Day dedication.

Eco-Action: In honor of Earth Day, what environmental issue is your passion? Do something today to bring awareness to your local issue or to give some love back to Mother Earth.



YogForLight Instagram Challenge with Shiva Rea (8)








Day 8: Fire (Apr 23)

Poses: Parivritta Lasya Vinyasa (Twisting Variation) with Prana Mudra

Come to tadasana or mountain asana with your feet together. With your left foot make a half-moon shape behind your right foot so that your left knee tucks behind your front knee. Your back foot stays on the ball for the entirety of this asana. Move your hands through heart center, and begin to squat down towards your back heel. Twist to your left, bringing your right elbow to the outside of your left knee. Make a peace sign you’re your fingers, and extend your left arm out, reaching towards the sky. Let your breath grow strong in this powerful and challenging pose.

Eco-Action: Embrace the light! Try and only use natural light through the day. Take an electricity vacation to save energy and reconnect with nature.



YogForLight Instagram Challenge with Shiva Rea (9)








Day 9: Water (Apr 24)

Pose: Sahaja Prana Flow

Take your feet wide now three feet apart and shift over with knees slightly bent and, toes turned out. Relax your spine as your move your weight from side to side like the current of the ocean. Sway from side to side, honoring your inner natural flow allowing your arms to move freely, finding any mudra that calls to you.

Eco-action: Protect local water sources! Actively participate in a water cleanup—beach, lake, river, water shed, gutter, community pool—anything!



YogForLight Instagram Challenge with Shiva Rea (10)










Day 10: Earth (Apr 25)

Pose: Malasana Variation with Prana Mudra

Come into standing malasana (yogic squat) by stepping three-feet wide. Turn your feet out and lower your hips slowly with your knees over your heels. Press down through your heels and feel the energy rise from the earth. As you inhale, draw your hands up through heart center as you lift your spine; extend your arms up over head into the full-body prana mudra as you open your arms and bring your arms level with your eyes and ear.

Eco-Action: Empowerment! Draw from your experience; reflect again on the last 10 days and tell us what you learned.
















prAna Earth Day #YogaForLight Instagram Movement & Eco-Challenge



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