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Michael Fukumura: Winds of Change

Wednesday, April 8th, 2015

Michael Fukumura: Winds of Change

Adjust to What is Being Offered

Spring is the season of change. There is much written about the power of personal willpower to achieve your goals and create the life that you desire. However, even your best efforts may not be enough if the world is not opening the door to exactly what you want.

I was reminded of this essential truth when I was out on my standup paddleboard on a very windy day on the ocean. I had high expectations for a very fun session in challenging conditions. After catching a few waves, the wind became very strong and when coupled with the swift current, cross-chop, and swell, it made the surface like a huge washing machine. No matter how determined to stand, I could not keep my balance. I kept trying different techniques to stay balanced and still probably fell fifty times. Finally, I surrendered. I was completely humbled. The ocean was not offering the experience I intended and there was no use in continuing to put my best efforts.

So, instead, I let the ever blowing wind inspire me in a new way. I leashed up my dog and went for a run in the shifting wind. The same forceful wind that had knocked me down by radically stirring up the surface of the ocean was now a refreshing gift that cooled me when I faced it and propelled me when it was at my back.

When I finished with my yoga practice outside, the rushing wind was the source of energy that helped restore my energy. The Spring wind was now exhilarating and provided new life to my breathing. The touch of the wind on my skin was exhilarating. I opened to the energy inside the wind and felt its presence enliven me.

So, by making the appropriate adjustment, the same element of nature, which seemed to be an obstacle, became something I could harness with my efforts to further the experience of living fully.

As the magic of life unfolds, take the time to pause and receive what is being offered. Determine if your actions are facing such strong resistance that you are not making any progress. Perhaps, it is time to recalibrate and make a course correction so that your efforts align with what the Universe is offering.

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