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Alan Turning Wood

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

Alan Turning Wood

For several years my father, Alan Holland, has focused more on a specific woodworking craft. Woodturning. I’ve enjoyed listening to his thoughts and theories over the years about his methods. He has a keen fascination about the process, the wood, and the tools used in the creation of his work. For instance, he enjoys reclaiming distressed or rare woods that would often be discarded for not being “perfect”. Also, this particular wood lathe seen in this piece is one my father has assembled out of an old horizontal mill which adds another layer to the unique quality of his work. He enjoys the history of various holding vessels across ancient civilizations which has influenced his functional and decorative wooden bowls, platters, pots, and various containers.


In this video Alan is turning a piece from a Carob Tree that exhibits some unique color and textural transitions.
It’s been on my mind to document his process for some time now and spending a few days with him in the shop again during this visit was something we haven’t done in many years. It was personally rewarding as in this particular moment we were both doing what we love while in collaboration of this visual and physical piece.