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Wave Daze

Friday, September 26th, 2014

PrAna ambassador Chadd Konig takes a journey to points north of Point Conception for some solitude, surf, and to test gear from our new Fall Collection. Enjoy!



“I was around the corner,” as they say. Where? “Hmm, you know that beach just northwest of here? Well beyond that, five or so miles down the trail is the most… 

There is always the spot that is ‘just beyond’, over the ridge or around the corner. The location that is farther out there and towards the unknown. I sit in that place again. Nalawala the dog wants to play fetch. Sounds cozy and safe to just watch the sea, write and throw the stick.  No decision was made, only action taken. Knowing into movement. 

Last time I was in the water here the fella who accompanied me, Mr. Jackson, saw the dorsal fin of a Great White Shark. Mr. Jackson proceeded to perch himself on the driest batch of kelp, pointing and passionately verbalizing where the shark breached and “headed straight for me.” A few months prior l made my most solid effort to paddle out here, however I could not make it through the breaking waves; then the current dragged me over a mile south. On that day I took a warm seat in the sand and observed the waves riding themselves. In my mind, I succeeded. 

Today I look around and see my friends holding cameras; taking photos and filming. I hope that whatever they create will benefit those who it is shared with. I come here to see what I am really doing and for why. I go in the sea to become closer with being alive, being in body. I come to you to purify my intention and to be taught by the forces of nature. 

One plans to go somewhere. We all do. I normally come to this place alone. The ocean that is. For why I am not sure, maybe it is easier to set my intention when alone. For me, being alone is the act of saving a place in the mind, in the heart. No, not “saving” a place but rather focusing…I am not sure, but I’ll get back to you when I know. I do know that we are never “alone”, in the negative connotation of the word. There is always a sun, moon or star. Always some dirt, leaves, water or ground to be with. Do not forget all the animals and wild nature that be here with us. 

In my experience performing to certain standard or “doing it right” does not matter. I rode with two waves on this day and barely made it down the face without falling. Nor did I complete any “maneuvers.” Not to say that executing a trade or sport in skillful manner is not commendable. However, simply being amongst nature and immersed in the experience fulfills me. I aim to focus on and retain the greatness provided by the experience rather than achieving some idea of greatness. This tugs at the true meaning of success and accomplishment. What does it mean to you? Where are you going? Why are you going there? Or are you already “there.”

Nourished and taught by the elements, 

~Chadd Konig, prAna Ambassador

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