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Help Our Oceans

Thursday, March 20th, 2014

PrAna Ambassador Filmed Interacting With Marine Life To Inspire Advocacy


CARLSBAD, CA (March 20, 2014) — PrAna ambassador Amy Ippoliti joined forces with underwater photographers Taro Smith and Shawn Heinrichs to help bring awareness and spur activism around marine conservation and overfishing.


“We traveled to be with these animals because we wanted to capture their magnificence on camera,” said Amy. “But what interested us most was encapsulating the potent interspecies connections we made in yoga poses (and swimming) with the animals. We hoped that sharing the awe we felt in the water would inspire people to become more enthusiastic advocates for our oceans.”


One of the most powerful images of the trip included Amy swimming with a 1,500lb manta ray — a threatened species. They are overfished for their gill rakers, which are in high demand in Chinese markets, due to the belief that they have healing properties.


“My own vivid memories being in the water with the mantas is a constant reminder to do the right thing when it comes to ocean conservation,” said Amy. “There is much we can do as individuals to make a difference.”


Here are six ways Amy suggests you can help with marine conservation:

– Support organizations working to protect marine wild life and our oceans such as WildAid, Manta Ray of Hope, Shark Savers, Oceanic Preservation Society and Blue Sphere Foundation

– Be sustainable, buy sustainable

– Don’t buy tickets to watch captive marine life in amusement parks; do buy tickets to watch informative documentaries such as “The Cove

– Lose the plastic, especially bottled water

– Be a good beach bunny: pick up after yourself, and others if needed

– Be mindful of your carbon footprint to reduce the effects of climate change on the ocean

You can find out more about marine conservation, Amy, and all of prAna’s ambassadors online at prAna.com/life.


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