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Maui Women’s Surfing Retreat

Monday, February 3rd, 2014

Maui Women’s Surfing Retreat 2013 Recap, November 16th – 17th, 2013
Living on Maui is tough. Amazing, but tough. Most folks I know work two or three jobs to get through each month. I’m one of those: a seasonal surf instructor, casual event manager at the Maui Arts and Cultural Center, wait staffer for my best friend’s catering company, and professional surfer.
Some days can be really long and physically exhausting. Having 18-hour days has become somewhat of a norm. But working so hard pays off when living on Maui. When I finally get some time off, it’s like I wake up in a dream, and I’m in the most beautiful outdoor playground with my best friends.
Wherever I go in my community, I run into women who find out what I do, and tell me they always wanted to surf. A few years back I decided to take a weekend out of my year to bring all these women together for a big surf retreat. We all work hard and deserve to have a couple days out of our busy lives to treat ourselves to some fun in the sun, and surf!
This year, news of Maui Women Surf Retreat spread like wildfire, and had the biggest turnout of the three years I’ve hosted it. The gals all got together and drank champagne while I taught them a little oceanography, ocean navigation, surf safety, and the pop-up.
I thought holding it in November at a summer swell spot wasn’t going to give me much in the way of surf, but it was actually the perfect size. Small, gentle rollers, barely up to our knees, made it easy enough for the girls to feel confident getting to their feet. The sun warmed our bodies and glittered over the ocean.
There’s something special about hanging out in the ocean with a handful of the most amazing women in the world. Chatting about surfing and life. Tanning on our boards like lounge chairs. Waiting for the waves to roll through, then watching them stand up with the grace of a goddess. Talking about things women love to finally say in the comfort of another woman’s open ear. The close bond that we share coming to life in the line-up. Our faces hurting from laughing so hard at ourselves, our hearts as bubbly as champagne, and our minds reset. Reset from the hard work we do on a regular basis, tuning back to a time when we lived like carefree young girls just having fun…
~ Kelly Potts, prAna Ambassador