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Paul Robinson: The Travel Bug

Tuesday, August 20th, 2013

paul-robinson-the-travel-bug-2If it were not for climbing, my life would be completely different. As a kid, I imagined all of the interesting places all over the world to travel to. Fortunately, I was blessed with a family who loved to travel. However, this travel bug that I gained at such a young age made me yearn for more. I wanted to go everywhere and see everything from the biggest cities to the smallest towns and everything in between. As soon as I started to climb, my love for outdoor rock climbing sky rocketed. Once I discovered there were places to climb outside in nearly every country of the world, all I wanted to do was visit them all! I not only wanted to have a taste of the stone in each new area I visited but I also wanted to witness the cultures, learn some of their languages and rituals, try their cuisine, and live amongst the locals of far off lands.
I started off my traveling small, making trips around the north east United States. I saw all of the areas close to my home within a few years and was eager to see more. Soon enough I traveled to the furthest stretches of the United States. Climbing was my drive to see these amazing places and witness how others lived their lives. I was then ready to leave the country for climbing. I traveled to Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia, all for climbing. In each of those places I bared witness to so much more than what I would have ever seen if I had just stayed at home. I saw new ways to live, new ways to communicate, eat, love, explore, etc. Traveling has made me the person I am today and if it were not for climbing I would not have had any of this.
When I first began traveling it was hard to live outside of my neighborhood. It was hard to not have the things I was so used to close at hand whenever I needed them. I slowly grew to be more accustomed to change. I remember being younger and getting annoyed by certain things like driving on the other side of the road, grocery stores closing early, not being able to communicate well with people who don’t speak english but with more and more travel I became accustomed and started to love being out of my element.

I have since the beginning of my climbing been to more countries than I can even think to remember and still want more. I know I will never see the entire world but if I can continue to travel and climb in new places I will be a happy man. The world may be considered a “small” place but it has so many corners and alleyways to get yourself lost in. And now that I have also discovered my love of surfing, the places I want to visit have now quadrupled! The bug is incurable!
~ Paul Robinson, prAna Ambassador
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