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Local Spotlight: Yoga for Eating Disorders

Saturday, August 3rd, 2013

My goal is to raise $50,000 to conduct an evidence-based study on whether yoga is effective in treating eating disorders.
Project Overview
Chances are you know someone with an eating disorder; maybe it’s a friend, maybe a daughter, maybe an student. An estimated 24 million Americans suffer from eating disorders, and only one in ten ever receive treatment. This disease kills nearly half a million people every year – anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any mental illness. I have experienced first-hand how yoga can be a game changer in eating disorder treatment. At 15 years old, I nearly died from a stroke resulting from severe anorexia. I was 58 pounds, severely depressed, and completely disconnected with my body. When I discovered yoga while in treatment, everything changed. I went from surviving to thriving; from living half a life to experiencing joy and freedom like I never imagined possible. In the six years since, I found myself wanting to share this freedom and help others find their way out of the illness. I developed a program called Yoga for Eating Disorders™ that teaches practical tools for intuitive eating, self-compassion, and coping with difficult emotions. I hope it will help others in the way my doctors, therapists and yoga community helped me in my time of need. I am partnering with the Give Back Yoga Foundation to raise $50,000 to teach the program at centers around the country at no charge and conduct an evidence-based study on its effectiveness in treating eating disorders.

Please support our campaign by donating
Your donation is tax deductible.
• Offer Yoga for Eating Disorders™ at eating disorder centers around the country pro-bono.
• Gather evidence-based research data on the effectiveness of yoga as a complementary treatment for people with eating disorders.
• Offer pro-bono talks about eating disorder prevention at a local high schools, universities, and community centers in the cities where the curriculum will be offered.
local-spotlight-yoga-for-eating-disorders-2How you can help
• Individuals: Contribute, spread the word, and connect me with centers/schools/organizations where you would like to see this program offered.
• Yoga Studio Owners: Make a tax-deductible $5,000 contribution to the campaign. F0r the first 10 studios that donate at this level, I’ll teach my 3-day Yoga, Food, & Body Image Intensive at no cost to your studio. The program is priced at $300 per participant, so with 30 registrations you’ll make $9,000.
• Companies: (1) Offer a prize or service (such as massage, private yoga, tickets, subscriptions, DVDs, etc) that can be included as a perk in the campaign. (2) Commit to matching donations.
~ Chelsea Roff, Project Director (In partnership with the Give Back Yoga Foundation)
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