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The prAna Swaddle

Monday, May 20th, 2013

Becoming a parent is an adventure of a lifetime — the terrain is like nothing you’ve seen; the journey tests you and builds your strength, and it provides an ineffable joy you can’t believe until you’ve been there. Like many adventures into the unknown, the beginning is a period of growth with a steep learning curve.
As we busily prepared for our baby’s arrival, we’d amassed many things they say new parents will need—the swing, the clothes, the bath toys, the whole nine. We had no idea that prAna goods would be essential to our survival in those early days as parents.
Our beautiful baby girl was born peacefully in water on a late winter morning. Since we had an out-of-hospital birth, we were back home just six hours after Maia was born, exhausted but elated. We were assured that upon arriving home, we’d settle in for a much-needed 6 to 8 hour nap with our babe. Little Maia was not informed of this. She was awake and ready to meet the journey of new-personhood head-on. But this world is a big place to a new little being, so she needed all the comforts we could give her.
They had swaddled her at the birth center and suggested we do the same when we got home. Thing was, swaddles were not among the many goods we’d amassed for this journey. We had a single thin blanket to wrap her in, but it would come loose soon after we got it secure. Three A.M. came and my husband and I were not sure what to do with an inconsolable baby and this jenky blanky.
In a moment of desperation — and sheer genius — after trying everything we could think of, my husband Billy sits up in the bed, throws off his shirt, and begins to use it as a swaddle. The shirt he was wearing was a long-sleeved jersey style prAna tee, a staple in his wardrobe. Once bundled, Maia stopped crying instantly. It wasn’t long before we were enjoying our promised and well-deserved nap. The swaddled held for the rest of the night and Maia was content in her little prAna shirt cocoon.
The prAna swaddle worked so well we continued to swaddle Maia in these shirts in the days to come. We were lucky enough to have five of these shirts in rotation (because, as all new parents know, spit happens). They were perfect — just the right thickness, soft, breathable, just the right amount of stretch, and the ideal size to make a baby burrito. Wrapping the sleeves kept her in nice and snug and surely she appreciated that her first clothes smelled like mom and dad.
At one point, perhaps with Daddy eager to get his comfy shirts back, we purchased some actual swaddles. They didn’t hold a candle to the prAna shirts! The prAna swaddle was all she wore for the first two to three weeks of her life. I imagine she is one of the youngest adventurers to sport prAna wear!
While we had always favored our prAna gear for yoga, climbing, and our pre-baby travel adventures around the world, we had no idea prAna would be a vital element in our early days with Maia. And more than discovering an invaluable new use for our clothes, we were reminded of a simple truth: With a little creativity and an open mind, you discover you already have everything you need for the journey ahead.
~ Jaime and Billy Mizejewski, proud parents