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Keep A Breast & prAna

Friday, March 8th, 2013

prAna has partnered with the Keep A Breast Foundation (KAB) in creating an exclusive E.C.O. printed yoga mat to raise awareness and support for KAB’s continuing efforts to eradicate breast cancer. Both KAB and prAna want you to go out into the world and be active daily – increased exercise and lower stress have been associated with a lower risk of breast cancer and could potentially alleviate the hardship of a cancer recovery. Through their forward-thinking missions, prAna and Keep A Breast promote living a wholesome and healthy life through education, awareness, promoting methods of prevention as well as encouraging the practice of sustainability. 10% of the wholesale cost of this prAna x Keep A Breast collaboration E.C.O. printed yoga mat will benefit KAB’s support, education, art, and prevention programs.
Keep A Breast is not a typical breast cancer organization. We have done the impossible: We have engaged, educated, and mobilized an entire generation of young people through our unique approach. Never before has the generation just beginning adulthood been this educated about breast cancer prevention. This generation’s level of education and awareness will lead to a decrease in future cancer deaths.
Through grassroots campaigns over the past 12 years, Keep A Breast has steadily grown into the leading global youth based breast cancer prevention organization. We are always pushing boundaries to live up to our mantra of Art. Education. Awareness. Action. We want to be able to turn breast cancer awareness into action.
For the past ten years I have been practicing yoga, and I recently finished a 200 hour yoga teacher certificate program. I believe yoga is the most important activity that I can do every day. I know that when I practice yoga I’m a better person and make better decisions and yoga is the one thing that keeps my body, mind, and soul in balance. When I first decided to commit to teacher training it was simply to deepen my own practice. After going through it, I realize it is so much more, and I’m excited to bring this deeper understanding to others.
There are scientific studies that prove yoga and meditation reduce your cancer risk. Major news channels and media conglomerates, and even giant healthcare providers like Kaiser are talking about prevention and wellness. This collective consciousness can only grow. Let’s all talk about prevention. Let’s all learn how to do our monthly self-breast exams. Let’s all eat cleaner, move our bodies more, dance, and love as deeply as possible! Let’s all do this together, for each other.
~ Shaney Jo Darden, KAB Founder & Global CEO
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