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Yogaslackers: The Rickshaw Run

Sunday, February 3rd, 2013

rickshaw-run-logoWhen we heard about the Rickshaw Run, we thought it was some sort of awesome endurance race across India. We imagined running through the Indian country side as part of a relay team. it turns out it was an auto relay, like the old “cannon ball” movies, only that we’d be driving a three wheeled, door-less lawn mower for 3500 plus km across the entire Indian subcontinent.
We had two weeks starting January first to get our Rickshaws from Jailsalmer (north east India) to Cochin (south eastern India). “This is insane, there is no way we are all going to fit in one of those things, let alone make it more than 100 yards before it brakes down! ” said Daniel (our 6 ft 2 team mate) when we saw our first rickshaw on the streets of New Dehli.
Two days before the start, we received two rickshaws, the blue “Yoga” shaw and the orange “Slacker” shaw. There were three to each rickshaw, which was actually perfect, even for Daniel.  Before we even left the Rickshaw run test driving headquarters where all of us newbies could get a taste of our home on wheels for the next two weeks, we were giddy with excitement!
We couldn’t wait to be set free, get out on the open roads, and drive and drive and drive..  All our confidence and excitement dwindled down very rapidly in the first two hours of being set free due to a jeep running the rickshaw holding Jason, Chris and Kristy off the road, causing them to roll. Luckily nobody was seriously hurt, but Chris and Kristy (who was pinned underneath the rickshaw) were pretty shaken up from the whole experience.
We miraculously got the “Slacker” shaw up and running again thanks to a bus full of people that stopped to help. We limped two hours back into Jailsalmer, where we had started the run, and started to hash out a plan. The next two weeks were a blur of sights, sensations, and smells across the spectrum and too many stories to tell.
However, we are in the process of editing together a 10-15 minute feature film that shares a few of the many highlights of our adventure south.  See some of our amazing photos, read our blogs and watch our 9 webisodes that we edited together while on the road.
All the money raised from each team went to the Frank Water Project, through this charity communities are provided with safe, clean water by employing ultra violet and reverse osmosis technology to filter water and remove diseases causing both chemical and biological contaminants.
After traveling through India, we saw that getting clean drinking water is a very big issue there, and many don’t know that their drinking water is unsafe and is the reason why they are getting so sick. You can still donate to the cause at our website. We are at 66% of our goal. Thank you!
~ Yogaslackers, prAna Ambassadors
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