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Saturday, December 22nd, 2012

A Redwood Tree…

Look At Them… Come To See
The Big, Tall, Wide, Redwood Tree
There It Stood, A Giant Among Men
And Tower Like The Power of Fertile Women
It Reaches Up, To Touch Earth’s Sky
Hear The Wind Whisper, As Its Leaves Sigh
Upon Mighty Branches, Like Arms Raised High
As Limb to Limb-Fingers, Link Its Brothers-By
It’s Solid … Hard, Sunlight-Charged
From One Little Seed, It Grew So Large
Maker … Please Preserve Its Precious Pulp and Skin
Keep False Profits and Progress, From Trespassing In
And It Can’t Move Away, From Some Dog, Who Pee
But That Same Dog, Will Die, Way Before That Tree
Some Forest Fire, May Blacken With Soot
But Ash Won’t Breach, Its Trunk, Nor Roots
It May Be Cut Down, by Blight or Lumberjacks
But, in 900 Years… It’ll Be Right Back
And Will Look At Those, Who Come To See…
The Big, Tall, Wide, Redwood Tree
~ MoonBee Canady