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Top 10 Users Of Organic Cotton

Tuesday, November 13th, 2012

Learning that prAna is one of the top ten brands using organic cotton (globally) brought an immediate smile to my face. Seeing that we actually ranked 6th was almost enough to make us giddy….

The announcement from the Textile Exchange instantly took me back to the moment we started using organic cotton. Beaver and Pam had attended a seminar at the Organic Cotton Exchange and came back excited and instantly sold on using organic cotton in prAna designs. From that moment on, we started sourcing organic cotton and using it whenever possible.

In those early years, we had a difficult time finding mills that offered organic cotton. But we kept asking and slowly we found the right mills and factories to partner with. They even went out of their way to source organic cotton for us. India had the most options for us initially and we quickly started offering organic cotton products from there. Our partners in China had a more difficult time but our persistence paid off and they too now offer organic cotton options.


It goes to show that when you believe in something and have the vision as Beaver and Pam did, “not available” was an option we didn’t accept. We were discouraged by vendors often but we worked with and encouraged them to keep working on it and they have come through with flying colors…. and now we rank 6th… pretty awesome for a little company like us!

~Maria Vlahos, Women’s Senior Designer

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