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Offer applies to select styles & colors. Prices may vary by color. Offer is valid through August 3, 2016.

Terms & Conditions

Free ground shipping is offered for all orders within the US valued over $99* before tax. Free shipping does not apply to our Influencer/Pro customers or those receiving discounted pricing outside of a promotional period. Please see our Shipping & Returns page for full details of all shipping information.
Sale up to 50% OFF | NOW - AUGUST 3rd | Select Styles SiteWide | Shop: Women's | Men's

Terms & Conditions

Offer applies to select styles & colors. Prices may vary by color. Offer is valid through August 3, 2016.

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If for any reason you do not absolutely love your purchase, please return the item(s) for a full refund, credit or exchange.

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Credit Card Pre-Authorizations

A pre-authorization occurs when a merchant runs a card for any transaction. If all information that the bank has on file matches what the merchant has on file, this pre-auth will become a charge. If the billing information that the merchant has on file does not match the information the bank has on file, or if there are insufficient funds, the order will stop at the pre-authorization stage and will remain on your account for 3-5 business days. Once the card number and address have been verified, we will run the card again and a new charge will appear on your account. Note: The original pre-authorization will remain on your account and will hold the funds for 3-5 business days.

If you have an item on backorder, the preauthorization amount will be different than the credit card charge. The initial preauthorization will include ALL items on order, but the actual charge only goes through for the amount of items that are shipped.

Here are some reasons your card may not go through:

  • Typo on the card number/date/vcc code
  • Billing address does not match the bank records
  • Insufficient funds

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens when I have a back-ordered item?

On occasion, an item may be temporarily out of stock when you place your order. If the item you want is out of stock, it will be put on back order and shipped to you ASAP. Backordered items will ship free freight. We will email you if an item sells out for the season.

Does prAna have a catalog?

Yes, we have a catalog. But we also like to think of our website as a year-round virtual catalog. If you’d like to receive our catalog showcasing our latest products, as well as some of your old favorites, please click here.

How do I wash my prAna yoga Mat?

For lightly soiled mats, fill a spray bottle with two cups of water and four drops of dish soap. Spray the entire mat and rub out the soiled areas using a damp sponge and terry cloth towel. If your mat is heavily soiled, submerge it in a solution of warm water and 1 tbsp. of mild detergent for 15 to 30 minutes before hand-washing the mat with clean water. Air Dry mat out of direct sunlight.

How to make a Yoga Mat Sticky?

Keep your yoga mat sticky, with good traction, using a custom solution made with essential oils. Making your own solution is less expensive than purchasing the store blend and you can customize it to your preferences.

Step 1
Mix 30 drops of tea tree oil, 1 cup of distilled water, 1/4 cup witch hazel in a glass bowl.

Step 2
Mix 40 drops of a combination of rosemary, lemongrass and lavender essential oils in another glass bowl. Use any combination you like to make up the 40 drops. If these aromas do not appeal to you, you can use other essential oils, as long as they are safe for skin.

Step 3
Pour the essential oil mix and tea tree/witch hazel mixes into a spray bottle. Shake to mix.

Step 4
Take your yoga mat, filled spray bottle and microfiber cloth outside to the patio or other flat, clean surface that can get wet. Spray your yoga pad with the your custom blend. Use the microfiber cloth and wipe the mat. Wipe your palms with the cloth several times to remove the oil from your hands.

Step 5
Begin your yoga session within twenty minutes while the mat is still moist. The gentle dampness of the rubber will create traction during your workout.

Where can prAna clothing be found other than your website?

prAna can be found at many retail stores and online retailers. To find a store in your area, you can use the Dealer Locator. You can find our online partners here. You can also try a general internet search for a specific prAna item to find which websites have our products available for purchase.

How do I wash prAna garments?

We recommend that you wash all prAna products at cold temperature and either hang dry or use a cool cycle on your dryer. This will prevent shrinkage and prolong the life of your garment.

Can you see what your dealers have in inventory?

Unfortunately we do not have access to the inventory at other retail stores or dealers at this time. Please call us and we will be happy to help you find what you’re looking for.

If you didn’t find the answer you were looking for, please e-mail us at or call (866) 915-6457 to speak with one of our Customer Service representatives. We look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

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